She’s Not Strategic, the sequel: Women are over-mentored and under-sponsored

Hundreds of women and dozens of men have reached out since I published The Real Reason Women Aren’t Getting Ahead In Tech: She’s Not Strategic. It’s been bittersweet. I’m humbled, but it’s disheartening to know so many people felt like it was written about them and their careers.

The comments that hit me in the gut:

“You know that chilling feeling where you’re about to tear up because something is so painfully true? For me (and the friend that forwarded it to me), that was the para on ‘only time…

Jess Iandiorio

CMO @Starburst, former CMO Mirakl, VP, Mktg @Drift & VP, Product Mktg @Acquia. Love start-up culture and being SaaSy. Also love being a mom & wifey.

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